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— March 6, 2017

Monday Couple ended a long time ago. So did my shipping of them.

What about Ruivin? Chances are slim that they’d actually get tgt in real life /: As much as I’d love to see them have a happy-ever-after life I know more likely than not they’d remain as friends, or even, just colleagues.

Is this realism a product of what it means to grow up?

— September 16, 2016


I recognise that look in your eyes, I know what’s on your mind.

And it makes me realise, there’s no one else of your kind.

— November 1, 2015


他不会读心术, 不过总为人着想, 不时在媒体方面, 台前幕后等配合我, 保护我。记得有一次的颁奖典礼, 所有艺人必须上台向观众道别。他知道我最害怕穿着高跟鞋上台时跌倒, 即使他当时的座位是在大厅的另外一边, 他还是特地走到我的旁边, 牵着我的手并和我一起上台。

我们俩有着倔强固执的性格; 虽然他不会处处迁就我, 我也会坚持着自己的想法, 但是我很珍惜自己能够这么坦然地, 毫无保留地面对他。

和他在一起, 让我做回了真正的自己。


— June 29, 2015


When I look into your eyes
I can see how much I love you
And it makes me realise
When I look into your eyes
I see all my dreams come true
When I look into your eyes

– Firehouse 1992

— May 22, 2015

The Hottie

He strode into the room purposefully, his chest puffed out with confidence as he loomed over the person sitting calmly behind the mahogany desk.

“It doesn’t matter who you send to take her away. They can keep trying, but there will only be one victor – me.”

The steely conviction in his voice gave the other party pause.

“I will always protect her, no matter what it takes.”


— May 5, 2015

Ruivin COH

BGI: Rui En and Elvin Ng posing in the i-weekly photoshoot for the 30-part drama serial Code Of Honour 正义武馆 (2011).  They had just completed the photos involving the props (weapons).

E: We’ve done so many serious poses for the shoot. Let’s take a relaxed pose next!

R: Okay. Do this. *good naturedly demonstrates a pose to Elvin*

E: What! So act cute, you sure anot?

R: Yes. Isn’t this relaxed. Do it lah.

E: Okay, since you’re so enthu about this, 我奉陪! *shows a buay tahan face but is studiously ignored by Rui En who patiently waits for the photographer to get the shot*